The Future of Animal Health


Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the future of Animal Health…

In mid-June, 20 startup companies that are changing veterinary medicine presented at the Animal Health Investment Forum. While there are many great companies changing the pet-owner consumer experience (really great companies), these folks are at the forefront of veterinary medicine. They solve challenges like blood purification, DNA diagnostics, cancer detection and prevention, tumor destruction, etc.

Since conferences come and go in a blink, I wanted to give each company a little more time in the spotlight, to reward them for all their hard work on veterinary medicine’s most challenging problems. For brevity, I focused on the 10 clinical medicine rather than farm animal technologies for this post:


9 years of research finally in-market for blood purification and literally saving lives.



Going beyond pain relief to actually treating the source of arthritis and inflammation



A simple way to treat bumps and lumps and cancer with a minimally invasive solution




Moving a cancer treatment in humans to canines.



Laser therapy currently only works for a few. MedcoVet’s mission is to make laser therapy a mainstream modality.



Using wideband radar to monitor key biomarkers in animal health



Detecting cancer in dogs




Using AI to detect parasites in fecal samples




A novel cancer treatment




Using RNA to cure multiple conditions from dermatitis to cancer


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