Clinician Spotlight – Dr. Christin Finn

We caught up with Dr. Finn to uncover the secrets behind her rapid success and how she effectively introduces the Luma therapy to pet owners. Dr. Finn shared, “The key is to frame Luma as a natural extension of the services we provide in-house. It’s essential to communicate clearly how Luma can significantly alleviate pain in pets, potentially reducing the frequency of visits needed for treatment.”

Building Trust and Confidence

Dr. Finn’s approach is not just about promoting a new treatment; it’s about building a relationship of trust and understanding with pet owners. By explaining the benefits of Luma therapy in a way that aligns with the already established trust and rapport she has with her clients, she makes the decision to try Luma an easy and confident choice for pet owners.

A Model for Veterinary Success

Her methodology is a testament to the importance of clear communication and empathy in veterinary care. She even goes above and beyond by offering a whole pet dog health membership where she answers pet owner questions and ensures pet owners have the most up to date information about treatment for their pet’s conditions.

To learn more about the Whole Pet Dog Health Plan offering click here

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