Luma Flame

Introducing The MedcoVet Luma

  • Prescribed by a clinician
  • Used at home by a pet owner
  • Remote connection to the clinic
  • Proven safe and effective
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What is Luma?

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Luma is a Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBM) device and app that can be used at home to treat a variety of diagnoses. Only your veterinarian can prescribe the Luma. The Luma will be shipped to your home pre-configured by your clinical care provider for your specific pet and their specific diagnosis. Luma comes with a mobile app that makes it easy to use and keeps your veterinarian up to date on your pet's progress. Once the treatments are complete, you simply leave the Luma on your doorstep and we pick it up.

Beyond the Device

The Luma app allows the device to be used correctly by anyone with a smartphone. The app takes you through each step with clear pictures and videos. While you are using the device, your clinical care provider gets updates on your pet's progress, and certain treatment protocols may be changed if necessary. The app also will remind you to treat your pet.

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Luma is Safe and Effective

Scientist Curved

Although Photobiomodulation Therapy has been known to be effective for decades, recent research has shown that certain types of light coupled with more frequent treatments are far more effective than infrequent treatments – even if those infrequent treatments were done with a higher power clinical device. For safety, Luma has been independently tested and certified to be class 1 eye-safe (no goggles needed) under all conditions:

  • Per IEC 60825-1:2015-05 and;
  • According to IEC 62471 photobiological safety standard
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Luma Device Specifications

MedcoVet devices deliver the optimal healing energy of light.  Device specifications are based on research from the World Association of Laser Therapy (WALT), advice of experts in the field and our own field data.

Luma Version C
Dimensions168cm x 58cm
IR Wavelength850nm
Red Wavelength635nm
Total Power (Average)1100mW
Aperture (Spot Size)43mm
Power Density75mw/cm^2
Eye Safety ClassificationEye Safe without goggles or "doggles"