Comparing the Luma to the LumaSoothe

Most clinics that work with MedcoVet eventually send us a link to a product that is available on Amazon, wondering how MedcoVet is different.  We now offer any clinic to send links to home devices, and we will provide a side-by-side comparison of our unit vs. their unit.

The most common request we’ve received to date is for the LumaSoothe (probably because of the name).


In our continuous effort to provide the best care for pets, MedcoVet recently conducted an in-depth analysis comparing two popular therapeutic devices: the Luma and the Luma Soothe. Our goal was to understand the fundamental differences between these two systems to guide pet owners in making informed decisions for their pet’s health.

Key Findings: Power Output Comparison

One of the most significant findings from our study is the difference in power output between the two devices. We conducted a simple test.  Using a TENMARS light meter, we measured

  • The output of both devices
  • The amount of power that reaches the light meter through a human hand.  This is meant to simulate light reaching the target tissue.

Based on our tests, the amount of power reaching the target tissue from the LUMA is 25 to 50x the power of the LumaSoothe.  This test does not even consider pet fur, which usually reflects or absorbs about 80% of the light.

See the Evidence: Video Analysis

To provide a clearer understanding, we’ve compiled our findings in a detailed video. This visual demonstration helps illustrate the power output differences and practical applications of both the Luma and the Luma Soothe in real-world scenarios.

Watch the Video Here

Read a detailed comparison of the Luma vs. the LumaSoothe

Understanding these differences between devices is crucial in choosing the right treatment option for pets’ needs. At MedcoVet, we’re committed to offering you the latest insights and developments in pet healthcare.

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