New LLLT Technology Holds Promise to Brain Injuries

It has long been established that Laser Therapy has been a safe and effective treatment for inflammation in joints, but can PBM treatment be used to treat other types of disorders?

MedcoVet’s CSO, Dr. Michael Hamblin, in collaboration with MIT, recently published its findings on treating certain brain injuries with LLLT. Brain injuries have long been thought to be out of reach for PBM due to the thickness of the skull. But a recent advancement in PBM technology may have just changed this assumption.

The paper looked at the use of advanced LED technology and its ability to penetrate the skull. The results seem to suggest that this new technology could be effective in treating brain disorders:

  • Findings: In this clinical trial, which included 68 patients with moderate traumatic brain injury, patients were randomized to receive LLLT or sham therapy. Twenty-eight patients completed at least 1 LLLT session without any reported adverse events. In the late subacute stage, there were statistically significant differences in the magnetic resonance imaging–derived diffusion parameters of the white matter tracts between the sham- and light-treated groups, demonstrating neuroreactivity of LLLT.
  • Meaning: The results of this clinical trial show that transcranial LLLT is feasible, safe, and affects the brain in a measurable manner.

BTW: This LED technology is the same LED technology used in the Luma. The Luma is disrupting the veterinary Laser Therapy market by providing a safer, cheaper and more convenient way to treat pets in the home.

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