Understanding Luma’s Impact in Veterinary Clinics: Initial Findings

MedcoVet started serving veterinary clinics in 2018, and since then we’ve collected information on every case created.

In this post, we share our findings on the efficacy of the Luma in real world situations to see which conditions work best for the Luma and whether all our clinics are prescribing the Luma in a similar fashion (hint…you aren’t 🙂 )


Here are 3 key insights and a bonus insight that surprised us the most:


Insight 1 – Pet Owners who are prescribed the Luma almost always sign up for the treatment


A striking 83% of cases created in the portal resulted in treatment follow through from the pet owner. This statistic is significant, indicating a high level of trust and acceptance of Luma among veterinarians and pet owners. 


Insight 2 – 72% percent of Cases with the Luma have a positive outcome


While Positive Outcomes ranged from 68-92% depending on the condition treated, on average 72% of cases either ended in pet healing, the pet passing away (palliative care) or the pet owner purchasing the device.  

Of the 20% of cases closed with a negative outcome, only 5% were due to no clinical impact of the Luma, while another 10% were due to the pet not tolerating treatment, pet parent not being able to comply with treatment and pet owner changing their mind, despite clinical impact.


Insight 3 – Distribution of Conditions Treated with Luma Aligns with World Association of Laser Therapy (WALT) recommendations

Many of the common conditions suggested by the World Association of Laser Therapy are treated with the Luma.  The best time to use the Luma is when regular trips to the vet are not possible. This includes chronic conditions that last for many years (e.g. OA/DJD) and also acute conditions (e.g. wounds) that require twice per day treatment.


Bonus Insight – Conditions Prescribed Vary Greatly by Clinic


Blue = Higher than average cases for this condition, Yellow =  Lower than average cases, Green – Equal to average

The MedcoVet team compared each clinic to the distribution above and many clinics prescribe for a certain condition (e.g. CCL) while not prescribing for others (e.g. wounds or spay and neuters).  There was hardly a “normal” clinic that prescribes the same as the average.  


Some examples of positive outcomes for a given condition:

  • Your Pet’s Vets: Predominantly treats Spray and Neuter cases with Luma, boasting a 100% positive outcome
  • Dr. Ron: Focuses 88% on Renal Disease with a 92% positive outcome
  • Winterville Animal Hospital: 52% of their cases involve post-surgical wounds, achieving a 95% positive outcome

These examples demonstrate how specific clinics have tailored Luma’s application to certain conditions with remarkable success

Missed Opportunities/A Chance to Shine

Over the next few months, MedcoVet will be reaching out to prescribing “Heroes” to learn from the successful outcomes for a given condition.  We will also share this information with clinics who could potentially prescribe for those conditions with beneficial outcomes.


Are we done with clinical outcomes?

Short answer…Not even close!

Next post will dive even deeper into MedcoVet cases, to look at how pet owners are engaging with the app and how pet owner engagement affects clinical outcomes (hint…it does).  Turns out over 70% of pet owners engage with the app and provide 20 different information points (from treatment to status updates to notes).  We’ll share our findings on pet owner engagement in January.

*For a more tailored analysis and guidance on using Luma in your clinic, please feel free to contact us. Let’s work together to maximize the potential of Luma enhancing the health of our beloved pets.

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