Gratitude Statement from Larimer County Search & Rescue

In Colorado’s Deadliest Avalanche Season MedcoVet’s Luma Light Therapy Keeps Search & Rescue Dogs Ready to Go
Larimer County, CO Search & Rescue K9 Team Thank MedcoVet

Amid Colorado’s deadliest winter for avalanche fatalities, New Jersey’s MedcoVet is helping to keep the furry members of one county’s search and rescue team in top shape. MedcoVet recently donated a Luma photobiomodulation (light therapy) device to Larimer County’s K9 Search and Rescue team. This device will help reduce recovery time and keep the dogs ready for their next rescue mission.

While Colorado’s soaring mountains and untamed landscapes are a big attraction for nature lovers, the winter season can be perilous for even the most experienced skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers. Every year dozens are caught in avalanches and rescue workers rely on specially trained dogs to aid the efforts to locate and save those trapped.

Although these dogs are in great shape this backcountry work does take a toll, so speeding their healing and recovery helps keep them ready. MedcoVet’s Luma light therapy device is a handheld device that takes advantage of the power of certain wavelengths of light to reduce pain and inflammation and to promote healing in both soft tissue and bone.

Where photobiomodulation has traditionally been available only in a clinical environment, Luma’s innovative and patent pending technology helps pet parents and handlers deliver healing in the pet’s home—or in the wilds of Colorado.

The veterinarians at Red Sage Integrative Veterinary Partners in Fort Collins, CO, give care to the hard working four-legged rescue team members. Red Sage also prescribes the Luma device to their clients and know first-hand how effective it is in helping their canine patients with both acute and chronic conditions.

With this strong partnership in place, the doctors at Red Sage asked if MedcoVet could offer the rescue team a discount on a Luma device. Upon learning about the good work the Larimer County dogs do, Alon Landa, MedcoVet’s founder and CEO, immediately offered to send one for free.

“When Drs. Lindsey and Jessica at Red Sage told us of the important service work these dogs are doing I wanted to help. Now the dogs can stay in top shape and be ready to help folks in need all winter long.”

Larimer County Search & Rescue Search Leader and K9 HRD Handler Karen Williams said this about the donation. “The Larimer County Search and Rescue dog team would like to express our deep gratitude for your generous donation of a laser for our dogs. Our athletic dogs love their work, but their bodies need some medical assistance after years of working in the wilderness terrain. Your donation will definitely be well-used by our team members to keep these athletes comfortable and working so that they can continue to contribute in their communities. We cannot say thank you enough!”

About MedcoVet, Inc.: MedcoVet, is a medical device company based in Fairfield, New Jersey. Founded to bring the benefits of veterinarian-guided light therapy treatments from the clinic into the pet’s home, MedcoVet’s first product is the Luma, a handheld light therapy device that pet parents can use to bring healing and pain relief to their furry family members.


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