3000 Years of LLLT / Photobiomodulation History

We have come a long way from the expensive hard to use LLLT/PBM devices of the days of old.

Luma is home laser therapy that is better for the vet, the pet parent and the pet:

  • Ships next day to the pet parent’s home
  • No:
    • Inventory
    • Logistics`
    • Billing
    • Maintenance
    • Investment
    • Convenient Daily Therapy w/o Travel
    • Pet parent pays small weekly rental


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Luma Version 2


At MedcoVet, we aim to make light therapy available and affordable to anyone that needs it. So, we would like anyone interested, curious, practiced or skeptical to join our community and the discussion.

Pet Laser Therapy Prescribed by You & Performed by
the Pet Owner