Now offering the Luma in Canada

We are thrilled to announce that Luma is now available in Canada, thanks to our new partnership with Elana Goldberg! Our mission at MedcoVet has always been to provide pet owners with the tools they need to take proactive steps towards their pet’s health and well-being. With this new expansion into Canada, we’re excited to be able to offer even more pet owners access to our innovative technology.

It all started when Medcovet purchased a database of veterinarians in Canada. That’s when Elana Goldberg, a Canadian entrepreneur, saw an opportunity to help bring the Luma monitor to Canada.

Elana reached out to our team, but we quickly realized that we weren’t set up to sell and ship to Canada. Alon explained the issues with shipping to Canada, including customs regulations and shipping costs. Fortunately, Elana was able to help us navigate these issues by acting as our fulfillment house in Canada.

Thanks to Elana’s expertise, we’re now able to offer Luma to pet owners across Canada. We’re excited to be partnering with Elana to bring Luma to Canada, and we look forward to helping even more pet owners prioritize their pet’s health and well-being. Our goal has always been to make it easy for pet owners to keep their furry friends healthy and happy, and this expansion into Canada is a big step toward achieving that goal.

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