How many cases do our clinics need to create monthly?

As a rapidly company, we partner with a number of clinics across the country, providing them with the necessary resources and support to ensure that they can provide the best possible care to their clients’ pets.

One of the key performance metrics that MedcoVet uses to evaluate the performance of its partner clinics is the number of cases that they create each month. Specifically, each clinic is expected to create at least three cases per month, in order to meet their monthly quota. This quota is designed to ensure that each clinic is operating at a high level of efficiency, and is providing the necessary care to as many pets as possible.

If a clinic fails to hit its monthly quota for two months in a row, MedcoVet will schedule a call with the clinic to discuss the situation and find a better strategy to creating more cases. This call is an opportunity for MedcoVet to provide guidance and support to the clinic, and to help them identify any issues or challenges that may be hindering their ability to create more cases.

There are a number of strategies that clinics can use to increase the number of cases they create each month. One effective approach is to focus on building stronger relationships with their existing clients, through regular communication and outreach. This can involve sending newsletters, hosting events, or simply reaching out to clients via email or phone to check in on their pets and see if they need any additional care.

Another key strategy is to focus on marketing and outreach to attract new clients. This can involve investing in targeted advertising campaigns, reaching out to local media outlets to promote the clinic’s services, or partnering with other local businesses to offer joint promotions or discounts.

Finally, clinics can also focus on improving the quality and range of services they offer, to attract more clients and retain existing ones. This may involve investing in new equipment or technology, expanding their range of services, or hiring additional staff to handle increased demand.

Overall, MedcoVet’s monthly quota system is designed to ensure that its partner clinics are operating at the highest possible level of efficiency, and are providing the necessary care to as many pets as possible. By working closely with its partner clinics, and providing guidance and support when necessary, MedcoVet is able to help its partners succeed and grow, while providing the highest level of care to pets across the country.

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