Laser Therapy Works Better at Home

But don’t take our word for it. We are so confident, we will send you one for free to try for yourself

  • No Investment Necessary
  • Pet Parent Pays Small Weekly Rental
  • No Inventory to Manage - Ships Directly to Pet Parent
  • Safe/Effective/Easy to Use

How It Works

It's simple. You prescribe it, we configure and ship it to the pet owner, your client uses it, and we pick it up when they're done.

Why is Luma Better for Pets?

  • More Frequent, Lower Power Treatments Increase Effectiveness
  • Less Stressful Treatments
  • Vet-Specified Treatment Protocols
  • Higher Compliance
  • App Keeps Vet Informed on Pet’s Condition
  • Backed by Peer-Reviewed Science

Why is Luma Better for Pet Owners?

  • Less Costly than Clinical Laser
  • More Convenient than Clinical Laser
  • App Provides Real Time Support
  • Super Easy to Use

Why is MedcoVet Better for Vets?

  • Recurring Revenue with No Investment
  • No Inventory to Manage
  • App Keeps Pet Owner Connected to Vet
  • More Time to Spend with Customers

Luma is Safe

Luma has been independently tested and certified to be eye-safe under all conditions:

  • Per IEC 60825-1:2015-05 and;
  • According to IEC 62471 photobiological safety standard

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