What is MedcoVet?

MedcoVet offers pet owners a new way to get the clinical benefit from laser therapy but without the costly and inconvenient visits to the clinic

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How does it work?

It's simple! We offer you a free consult with a clinical expert to ensure you get the right treatment protocol and ship you a device the next day.

Here's a short video to explain the details:

So...Does it work?

MedcoVet is offered by clinics in 40 states, with over 2300 cases to date

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Some of our happy clinics

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What our clients are saying...

From Deanna Storey:

I have to be honest and say that, without the daily laser treatments, she would not have the quality and quantity of activity in her life that she has now. I was admittedly skeptical at first that the laser wouldn't make much difference but I have been proven wrong. Her neurological condition is managed with medication, physical therapy and the laser treatment. If I miss two or more days of laser therapy, her day-to-day activity level decreases noticeably. As you know, Kady had very complicated back surgery and, even six months post recovery, she was still in a lot of pain and not able to walk steadily without frequently resting. It was hard on both of us and made me wonder if I had made the right choice opting for surgery. Since I have been doing laser treatments on a daily basis, she is able to walk without breaks three times a day for 20-30 minutes each time and she is in much less pain overall. She actually looks forward to her daily laser therapy--and because I know how much it helps her, I rarely miss a day.

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Why is Luma Better for Pet Owners?

  • Less Costly than In-Clinic Devices
  • More Convenient than In-Clinic Treatments
  • App Provides Real Time Support
  • Super Easy to Use

Why is Luma Better for Pets?

  • More Frequent, Lower Power Treatments Increase Effectiveness
  • Less Stressful Treatments
  • Clinician Specified Treatment Protocols
  • Higher Compliance
  • App Keeps Clinician Informed on Pet’s Condition
  • Backed by Peer-Reviewed Science