You have reached the Televet information page. We are proud to offer the expertise of Dr. Ron Hirschberg.

Dr. Ronald Hirschberg is the Medical Director of the Brockton Animal Hospital, a full-service veterinary hospital in the Boston area. His involvement in the field of Clinical Photobiomodulation spans two decades, with his focal interest in the utilization of PBM as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of Chronic Renal Disease.

He continues to see patients as well as teaching Photobiomodulation at several veterinary colleges throughout the United States as part of an “Educational Outreach Initiative '' initiated in 2012. He is a frequently invited speaker at many international Photobiomodulation conferences (WALT, NAALT, ISLMS, and ASLMD) as well as veterinary conferences throughout the US. He has written several textbook chapters and is a member of the editorial advisory board for Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine, and Laser Surgery.

His work to expand the clinical application of PMBT in both humans and animals is closely aligned with the global objectives of the “One Health Initiative.”

Let’s get you started!

Step 1: Gather medical records, including laboratory test results, x-rays, and any imaging.

Step 2: Contact Dr. Ron Hirschberg with a brief note of introduction regarding your pet's condition and your basic goals for therapy.

Step 3: Once Dr. Hirschberg confirms that your pet is an appropriate candidate for Photobiomodulation Therapy using the Luma device, he will have you set up a Telemedicine patient account at the Brockton Animal Hospital. Then all records and imaging can be expediently forwarded to your pet's Telemedicine medical record.

Step 4: Once Dr. Hirschberg has received and reviewed all medical records (typically 1-3 days), he will set up a telemedicine appointment to discuss the findings. His recommendations may not be limited to Photobiomodulation therapy but may include other aspects of your pet's health that he may suggest you address. This, of course, is wholly up to the pet parent whether these recommendations are pursued.

Step 5: Dr. Hirschberg will prescribe the Luma device, and once you receive it, he will guide you through initiating treatment.

Fees: -There is an initial consultation fee of $150.00-250.00, depending on the complexity of the case and medical records. A credit card number can be left with your pet's medical record once created to expedite the process. The brief, initial consultation to determine if your pet is an appropriate candidate for Light Therapy is a no-fee assessment in advance of creating the Telemedicine medical record.

Contact Dr. Ron Hirschberg

Why is Luma Better for Pet Owners?

  • Less Costly than In-Clinic Devices
  • More Convenient than In-Clinic Treatments
  • App Provides Real Time Support
  • Super Easy to Use

Why is Luma Better for Pets?

  • More Frequent, Lower Power Treatments Increase Effectiveness
  • Less Stressful Treatments
  • Clinician Specified Treatment Protocols
  • Higher Compliance
  • App Keeps Clinician Informed on Pet’s Condition
  • Backed by Peer-Reviewed Science