What is MedcoVet?

MedcoVet enables veterinarians to offer home laser therapy to the patients that need it. We didn’t invent laser therapy, we just made it work for both veterinarians and pet owners, by moving treatment into the home.

How do we make this possible?

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First, we took the large clinical device and patented a way to offer clinical quality treatment at home without goggles.

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Second, we connected the veterinarian to the pet owner via our proprietary telemedicine app so pet owners are supported while they treat.

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By moving laser therapy into the home, and sharing the rental fee with our veterinary partners, we enable safe, effective, and convenient treatment, while extending the veterinarian into the home.

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For Clinicians

You prescribe it, we configure and ship it to the pet owner, your client uses it, and we pick it up when they're done.

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For Pet Parents

Luma is a therapy device that can safely & effectively be used in the comfort of your home to treat your pet.


"My clients and I have been seeing great benefits since the clinic began rolling-out with your lasers: the dogs are maintaining better between treatments, are able to perform their..."

- Dr. Jake Brown, Island Paws Veterinary

"I just stopped in with Hiba today to make sure she felt comfortable using the laser on her cat. Oh, my goodness! So so so much improvement..."

- Shannon O'Meara, Celestial Bodies Wellness

"MedcoVet has revolutionized the application of laser use in veterinary medicine. We are now able to offer laser therapy as a primary treatment modality since it can be administered..."

- Dr. Wendy Herlihy, DVM cVMA CCRT,Elevate Animal Rehab