Laser Therapy does not Work

Photobiomodulation (PBM) has been around for 3,000 years (see: 3000 Years of LLLT/Photobiomodulation History), yet it still has not been widely adopted. Most veterinarians assume this is because there is not enough evidence to prove efficacy. However, there are now numerous FDA approved PBM devices on the market. There are also thousands of studies showing effectiveness, and the modality has been known and studied by NIH (and others) for decades.

If that is all true, then why is PBM still a fringe treatment modality?

The science of PBM works, but most PBM products do not, that is, the cost of the treatment does not justify the benefits for most pet parents.

PBM does not cure any disease, but it is a very effective treatment for many, and it often accelerates the body’s healing process. PBM can play an essential role in helping many pets.

However, most PBM products require a pet parent to visit a veterinarian and use a machine that costs tens of thousands of dollars, and take several hours a week out of your busy schedule.

To access PBM, the pet parent needs to spend money and time.

To provide PBM services, a vet/PT needs to spend valuable capital purchasing the device, using expensive facilities and billable hours to treat each pet.

For the pet, the multiple trips to the vet pose increased pain and anxiety.

Now, there is a better way. The Luma is the first PBM product that works for the pet, the pet parent, and the vet/PT. With the Luma:

  • Prescribed only by Veterinarians/PT.
  • Used in the convenience of the home by the pet parent.
  • Pet Parent pays a low weekly rental fee.
  • Vet/PT never has any:
    • Inventory
    • Logistics`
    • Billing
    • Maintenance
    • Investment

Ready for a PBM device that works? Sign up for a free demo and see for yourself.

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