8 Minutes a Day vs. Surgery – One Pet Owner’s Perspective


Lorna Ledbetter adopted Hope when she needed some emotional support.  After being an ER nurse for 25 years, an incident at work required serious rehabilitation for Lorna and Hope was a key part of Lorna’s recovery.

Even as a puppy, many times Hope didn’t want to get off the couch and was eventually diagnosed with major hip dysplasia.  Surgery felt both daunting and risky so Lorna searched for other options to ease the pain, both for Hope and for her watching her baby suffer.

Lorna was referred to Horse N Hound in New Hampshire and immediately began a treatment of underwater treadmill and laser therapy in clinic.  Adding this to her medication regimen of Rimadyl and Gabapentin, Hope was not just getting off the couch, she was excited and playful.

Very unexpectedly, the owner of Horse N Hound, Jennifer Brooks, passed away (love ya, miss ya Jennifer).  Lorna was devastated that both a great person and an expert healer would not be part of Hope’s treatment anymore.  Lorna was thrilled to learn, however, that she could continue treatment at home with the Luma.

To this day, Hope is a playful and energetic young pup, due to an at home regimen that includes Luma.

Lorna, what was your experience with the Luma?

“The process was like 0, it was so easy” 

Horse N Hound demonstrated the Luma on Hope. She very quickly received the Luma by mail, found the hip bone and began treating that day.  

What is Hope’s overall treatment protocol?

Hope is prescribed Gabapentin, Rimadyl and Luma by MedcoVet.

Lorna treats Hope with the Luma twice per day. 4 minutes per hip (8 minutes total).  Hope also gets a long daily walk for exercise.  This multimodal approach has stabilized Hope and enables her to enjoy a high quality of life.

How do you stay compliant with treatment?  

“It all starts with how much Hope means to me. Hope is my baby”.  

Lorna has set up a routine that ensures that Hope has all the exercise she needs and the right treatment to enjoy life.  For Lorna, this routine is absolutely critical.  Lorna also adds a snack for Hope (green beans or carrots) that signals to Hope that it’s time to treat and Hope jumps up on the couch ready to go.

Do you have any advice for future pet owners and clinicians?

Don’t do surgery if you can use holistic treatments. The small amount of time it takes is so worth it knowing you are helping to heal your dog and enjoying your time together as well

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